Tevfik Inal, GE Aviation

Tevfik Inal,Product Engineering Manager,GE Aviation
Tevfik led several design organizations in GE Aviation. Civil aircraft propulsion and military and aero-derivative engines.

Hybrid Electric Propulsion

It has been more than 100 years since the first flight of Wright Brothers, which was powered by 12hp 4 cylinder cast iron engine. Aviation technology is working to fulfill markets requests since then. Going from only one passenger to 900+ passengers in one aircraft, not only the power requirements, but efficiency, noise and durability had been multiplied several times and it is getting harder and harder to response to these needs every day. Here comes the ‘’Electrification of an aircraft’’ as a good candidate to change the game as a disruptive technology. With the development of high and low voltage applications, altitude ready inline generator/motors, embedded/integrated concepts, compact inverters and energy storage technologies, new materials and manufacturing methods, aviation is closer than ever to responding the ceaseless needs of the market. It is very exciting to see the mind transition about a hybrid/full electric aircraft from ‘’impossible to do it‘’ to ‘’excited to see it’’. It is now just a matter of time.